What they’re saying about Laura and her programs:

I so enjoyed your presentation at the Hudson Women's tea.  I’d love to attend more programs!  
           Attendee, Women’s Club Tea

What a splendid way to spend my afternoon! You are amazing! It was  fascinating--the entire experience! Keep up the great work!  What  fun!                                                         
                                                                                                     Attendee, Women’s Club Tea

Laura does everything Victorian - she has some unique presentations and [a] wonderful talent.  
                                       Program Sponsor, Women’s Club Tea

You love what you do. . . and it shows.  Thanks for a GREAT presentation!  It exceeded my expectations!
                                              Attendee, Fashion Show

Dear Laura, I just wanted to sincerely thank you again for doing such a  wonderful presentation yesterday at Trinity. I was truly delighted! I  hope to see your work again in the future.
                                                                                                            Attendee, Hat Fashion Show

Laura, I am not interested in antiques and was prepared to be bored!   But I LOVED your program!  It was fun and I’m so glad I came!                                           
                                                                                                Attendee, Hat Fashion Show

 Our patrons so enjoyed you last year. I'm still getting compliments on  your work, and would love to have you back again.                                                                   Program Sponsor, Library

Saw your presentation of "Through The Layers". It was just so fun and  really quite unbelievable considering the fashions of today! There was  so much to look at that I wished that the presentation went on for a bit  longer. . .anyone who is interested in fashion and/or history would  love to see it!
                                                                                                                       Attendee, Ladies’ Tea

Laura, one of our members attended your Hats Style Show and highly  recommended it for an event for our Club. She said she had so much fun  and laughed so much that it was a great time!
                                                                                                          Program Sponsor, Ladies’ Tea

I really enjoyed your talk...and seeing all of your "artifacts" up  close!. . .  And I'm so glad we finally got to hear/see your  presentation! You were delightful!
                                                                                Attendee, Women’s Charitable Society dinner

Hi Laura! My, aren't YOU the popular lady!?! At a travelogue last night,  a patron handed me one of your brochures with 6 of your lectures  checked. Beside two others, she had written "we enjoyed".
                                                                                                                Program Sponsor, Library

After the great response to your program here, I was wondering about  your doing a "return engagement"-- possibly the "Victorian Valentines"  program in February? We really enjoyed your "Lizzie" program.                                                                                     Program Sponsor, Library

Thank you so much for coming! The group enjoyed you very much! They said  you were very informative and educational. They told me you came in  costume and had a dress form that you used to explain about the  undergarments.
                                      Program Sponsor, Women’s Business Group

I'm still getting compliments on the Victorian Tea. You were a big hit!
                                                                               Program Sponsor, Library

Hi, Laura,
The program is full. I can't sign up any more people without crowding  the room beyond what I consider comfortable or safe. We have 75  sign-ups! As usual, there is a lot of interest in your presentation and  I've had several people from last year say how much they are looking  forward to this Saturday.
                                                            Program Sponsor, Library

Laura Loew has done several presentations for our group and we look  forward to more in the future!  She is always wonderfully dressed in  period clothing and brings a variety of objects and visual aids.  Laura  is well-spoken, gracious, and articulate, and her presentations are very  detailed and well-presented.  The variety of subjects is wonderfully  diverse, allowing us to use the same exceptional speaker for several  different types of events.  I highly recommend her!
                   Caren P. White
                 Founder, Victorian Ladies Tea Society

Your  presentation on hats was wonderful.  I'm looking forward to many more  of your events.  The Victorian Era was such a beautiful time and you  have such a unique way of educating us in their way of life.  You looked  lovely, just like you walked out of the pages of Victoria.   Congratulations on your Women of Distinction award, quite an honor and  well deserved. 

Attendee, Hat Fashion Show

I loved your presentation, Laura. And, you looked stunningly beautiful in your Victorian dress and hat!

I . . . thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say about customs and practices in the Victorian era. As noted, I think you should expand your presentation and create a workshop or even a series of classes on this topic.

Congrats again on your award AND your wonderful presentation!
 Attendee, Library Program

We received lots of wonderful comments on the Titanic program!!!!

Attendee, Garden Center fundraiser