This section provides answers to some frequently asked questions as well as information about booking me to speak.  Contact me if you have questions!

 Lead Time:

I book programs three months to one year in  advance.  I offer a free Save the Date service ~ If you are unsure,  please save your required date now to avoid disappointment.  If you have  a more immediate need, please call to check the date, as there may be  dates yet available on shorter notice.


If there are more than twenty attendees expected, I require a microphone.  All talks require a podium, and most require a screen in the presentation area upon which to project images.  

 Computer Equipment:

Most programs have an accompanying presentation of slide images.  I can use a laptop and projector supplied by the organization, or bring mine.  I do require a screen upon which to present the program.

Depending upon the display required, I generally need two or three 6- 8-foot display tables upon which  to display antique artifacts.  If clothes racks and/or dress forms  are available at the venue, that is appreciated.  I will bring dress forms and stands for clothes, which are displayed both on the floor and on tabletops, depending upon quantity.  Please don't place display tables in front of the screen area.

Setup Time:

I arrive at the venue at least 1 ½ to two hours prior to  the program start time.  This allows time to set up displays, re-test  equipment, and change into antique clothing for the program.  A room  (with mirror) in which to change other than the ladies’ room is greatly  appreciated. If a library or similar, the staff restroom is perfect.

Teardown Time:

I generally need one hour to tear down her displays.  I will remain in the room, with displays up, until the last patron has departed.


I am a vegetarian, so, if I will be joining your group for  luncheon or dinner, a meatless meal is required. I also appreciate water when speaking.

Audience Participation:

My programs are structured for audience participation with smaller  audiences.  Questions are always encouraged.  With larger groups,  questions may be taken at the end of the program.  I always stays at  the display tables until all questions are answered and the last  audience member has departed.

Bio and Publicity:

I have both extensive and abridged biographical sketches and  photographs/headshots available for your publicity and program needs.   You are encouraged to seek publicity and sponsors for any program open  to the public.  Please provide me with a copy of the final program.  I can also email your event information to her extensive database of  interested members at no additional cost to you. 


I do not use background music while speaking.  Music may be used  while audience members are entering the room and after the program  concludes.  

Participant Food:

If food is to be served at your event, please serve it before or after  the program, but not during the program. Also be aware that audience  members must keep food and drink strictly away from antique  artifacts.

Room Setup:

I generally request that room setup to be either round tables for  luncheons or classroom/theater style seating.  Other arrangements can be  discussed.


All payment for programs is due by the day of the program.  In some  cases, a deposit may be required.  I will send a standard agreement with terms.  Agreed-upon expenses will be included.  

Recording of Programs:

I do NOT permit audio or videotaping of programs.  Still photography is welcomed. 

When was the Victorian era?

Queen Victoria ascended the throne in England in 1837 and ruled until  she died in 1901. Her son, Edward, then became King and ruled until  1910.  The Victorian and Edwardian eras are often lumped together.  In  fact, what most people think of as ‘Victorian’ style is really  Edwardian.  Most of my programs and collections encompass both of these  eras.

Will you travel to speak at my event?

Yes, I travel nationally to present programs when the client covers travel time, expenses and lodging. 

Aren’t you hot in those antique clothes?

Antique Victorian clothing is not always warm!  Remember, clothes were  made of natural fibers and natural fibers ‘breathe’ unlike modern  synthetics.  Many times, several layers of antique clothing are cooler  than one layer of modern clothing.

What interests you so much about the Victorian era?

It is a lost age of grace and beauty.  Everything in the Victorian era  was both useful AND beautiful. Women have made great strides socially  and in the workplace, but there is something to be said for the genteel  society of one hundred years ago. 

Can I tour your house?

Yes, for special events I do open my home for select groups to tour.  Please call or email me for details.

Is it safe to wear my antique gown?

Wearability of antiques depends upon a number of variables.  How sturdy  is the gown, how rare and/or valuable is it, what will you be doing in  the gown, does it fit you, etc.  Additionally, you should have  appropriate undergarments, including a corset, to have an antique gown  fit you correctly and to minimize wear and tear on the fabric.   Most  antiques can survive a gentle and careful wearing for tea or another  special event depending upon variables. Do not wear any gown that is so  precious that you would be devastated if it were damaged.  I have had  gowns ripped, torn, trains stepped on and things spilled on my antiques,  some of which were irrepairable. 

Do you rent antique or vintage clothes from your collection?

No, I do not.  I do sell clothing and accessories, sometimes on eBay, or to private clients.