"Downton Abbey"

I was first contacted about "Downton Abbey" in 2011 when the show premiered in the United States.  And like everyone, I was immediately hooked!  I began presenting talks on the Fashions of Downton Abbey, and added to the program as the seasons progressed from the beginning in 1912 until the series 6 finale set in 1926.

In 2013, I added a second talk:  Fashions of Downton Abbey:  The Roaring 20s, in which I discuss the amazing fashion and culture changes in the show, and in history, with the advent of the 1920s.

I have presented roughly 40 talks about the show and never tire of the beauty, glamour, drama and mystique!

I am also honored to have been approached by multiple PBS affiliates to work with them to promote the show for the last five years, including kickoff events, membership events, and on-camera consultation and appearances!

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