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The Fashions of Downton Abbey:  
Have you caught Downton fever?  Explore original antique fashions c. 1912 to 1920s from the Downton Abbey era.  Learn more about being 'in service' in an Edwardian manor house.  Laura brings original clothing from the Downton era.

Inside Out! 
Most fashion programs focus on the side of clothing that shows.  Get an exclusive peek at Victorian and Edwardian clothing. . .inside out.   Revel at the construction details and exquisite craftsmanship of the era that was never meant to be seen.

The Victorian Child: Explore the world of Victorian children both pampered and poor.  Learn about customs, toys, schools, books, and clothing.  Laura will bring antique children’s’ clothing, books, and playthings.  

Secret Languages: Victorians knew that messages could be conveyed by other than the spoken word.  Learn about the lost languages of flowers and fans.  

Meet Me at the Fair: A Tale of Two Expos  Victorians loved their World's Fairs. Learn about the 1893 Columbian Exposition and the 1901 Pan American World's Fair.  Laura will bring antique souvenirs of these two spectacular events.  

Victorian Fancywork: Embroidery skills were the true sign of a lady.  View antique examples of Berlin and embroidery work, and learn more about Victorian needlework and crafts.  

How to Host a Victorian Tea: Explore details to host an authentic Victorian tea, including menus, décor, favors and etiquette.  Recipe ideas will be provided!

Tea History: Learn more about the history of our favorite beverage!  Perfect for an introduction before your ladies’ tea party.

Fifty Years of Hats:
  This fun and fashionable hat show spotlights vintage hats from the 1920s through the 1960s.  Laura brings over thirty vintage hats.

Seasonal Favorites

Victorian Valentines:
A nostalgic look at lovely Valentines from the past.  Includes valentine history, customs, construction, and information on collecting vintage valentines today. Laura brings at least fifty antique and vintage valentines.

A Day at the Seaside:
Victorians took the waters with abandon at seaside resorts.  Learn more about those golden days of ‘bathing’, souvenirs, and summer promenades. Laura brings antique bathing suits, seaside souvenirs, and other beach accessories.

The Victorian Garden: Uncover secrets of Grandmother’s garden, including formalized, structured plantings and more naturalized cottage gardens.   Includes a list of Victorian favorites available today.  Antique seed catalogs, gardening books, and other accessories will be shown.  

Crowd Pleasers

Tale of the Corset:   “Waist Training” was a way of life in the Victorian era.  Learn more. . . why did they wear corsets and why did we stop wearing them. . . or did we?  Antique corsets are shown.

Lizzie Borden -- Did She or Didn't She?
The most famous American murder case of the Victorian era took place in 1892. Build your own theory of ‘whodunit’ while we explore the cultural implications of an upper-class Victorian woman accused of a grisly double murder.
Through the Layers:
A rare peek at authentic antique undergarments and clothing.  From chemise and bloomers, to corset and petticoat, a live model is dressed for the day in complete antique clothing and accessories.   As each piece is added, learn more about the dress and customs of the era.  Options for Victorian or Edwardian clothing.

Victorian Calling:
Learn about the rigorous social practice of “calling” upon friends.  Calls were more obligation than visit, and your personal calling card, the ‘silent messenger’, played a vital role in your position in society.   Laura brings at least fifty antique calling cards.

Victorian Lifestyles

The Romance of Victorian Crazy Quilts: In the 1880s, Victorians were crazy for crazy quilts.  Learn the social context, artistry, and needlework techniques of these ‘show’ quilts.  Laura will bring at least three antique crazy quilts to show and discuss.

Victorian Mourning, A Celebration of Life:
Death touched Victorians heavily.  Learn about mourning traditions, including clothing, hair jewelry, and memorial artwork, that celebrated the lives of lost loved ones.  Antique original mourning artifacts will be shown.

The Victorian Scrapbook:
Love scrapbooking?  One hundred years ago, scrapbooks were as treasured as they are now – though they rarely contained photographs!  What was in them?   Come and learn!  Laura will bring several antique scrapbooks.

The Light of the Home – Women in Victorian Society:
A woman’s work was never done.  Learn about family life, social customs, fashion and more.
Struggle for The Vote: The early 1900s were a time of turmoil for women who fought hard for the right to vote.  Learn about early suffragists and their cause.

Victorian Sampler:
An overview of life in the Victorian era, including fashion, home, social customs and more. Antique artifacts will be shown.

Yesterday’s Bride: Learn about antique wedding and courtship customs as you watch a live model dress for her wedding circa 1906.  A spectacular antique ensemble, including a wedding gown, going-away suit, and appropriate trousseau items will be shown. 

Ectoplasm!  The Rise of Victorian Spiritualism:  Learn about the Victorian Spiritualist movement.  Mourning artifacts and antique fortune telling cards will be shown.

Fashion Programs

Transformation of Style - Fashion: An informative look at evolving ladies' fashions. Learn how the Hoop and Bustle Eras evolved to the Gibson Girl and the Flapper. Covers the 1860s through the 1910s.   Can be presented as a lecture or mini fashion show.  Laura brings at least four complete antique outfits and accessories.  

Transformation of Style - Hats: An informative look at evolving ladies’ hat styles.  From demure bonnets to flirty pillboxes, this program covers the 1860s through the 1960s. Can be presented as a Fashion Show with volunteer models from the audience!  Laura will bring at least forty antique hats.  

Fashions of Titanic - Splendor and Struggle:
The Edwardians elevated ladies' dressmaking to a fine art. Silk, velvet, beading, and lace were used, sometimes on the same garment!  Learn the differences in clothing between First Class passengers and those not so fortunate. View original antique clothing and accessories from this magical time.

Fashion Faux Pas: Victorian and Edwardian fashion was all about exaggeration of the female form.  Laugh and learn while viewing antique hoops, bustles, corsets and other unique artifices used to distort and ‘improve’ the figure.  A humorous look at a very serious subject!

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