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Are you attending a medieval dinner, a Jane Austen tea, or a Civil War ball?  Not sure how to dress for an elegant Titanic brunch, a 1920s speakeasy, a World War II civilian canteen or a sock hop party?  Laura specializes in dressing you in period-correct fashions for any event with a historical setting!

You may choose to purchase antique fashions or faithful reproductions.  Although Laura does not make or rent costumes, she can source reproductions that will fit and flatter you for a memorable occasion! She has an extensive network of contacts including dressmakers and milliners experienced in period styles.  Call or email for more information.

Fashion Shows

Several of Laura’s programs can be presented as Fashion Shows.  Laura can also provide expert narration at your fashion show event featuring your show of current modern clothing or historical garb.

Children’s Tea Parties and Crafts

Laura specializes in making your little girl feel like she just stepped out of the pages of history.  Call or email for information on Victorian children's tea or birthday parties and children’s craft classes.

Victorian Crafts and Millinery

Laura offers a complete series of Victorian craft classes tailored to your group or event.  All crafts are period-authentic and range from beginner crafts to elaborate Victorian hairwork and embroidery.  Call or email for details!

Laura also can provide expert instruction in Victorian/Edwardian hat trimming and creation.  Or let her refer you to her contacts including dressmakers and milliners experienced in period styles.

For Museums and Historical Societies

Laura can inventory, date, and document, your museum’s collection of clothing, accessories, and other artifacts c. 1850-1920.  A flat hourly fee plus travel expenses will be charged.  Laura also offers training for museum staff and volunteers, including dating garments, clothing and artifact care, display tips, and exhibit ideas.  

Laura can also help you date antique photographs taken pre-1920 based upon the clothes worn in the picture.  Call or email for more details.

Private Parties

Laura is available for wedding showers, birthday parties, and tea parties.  She can assist you in finding a historically-based location for your event and can provide consultation and referral for events at which she is booked to speak.  Call or email for more information.

Date your Antique Garment

Laura specializes in ladies’ clothing and accessories, pre-1920.  For a fee of $25 per garment, she will provide approximate date of the item and any information about its history and usage based upon your emailed photographs.  She can also provide storage and care/cleaning guidelines.  Email for more information.

For more information on any of the above services, or if you have questions, please email Laura.
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