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Booking Laura to Speak
Prices for programs range from $200 - $450 and up, and vary depending upon program chosen, group size, and location.   Most of the Fashion programs are priced at $450 inclusive due to the garments, dress forms and antiques being transported and shown.  Please ask about any program in which you have interest. 

If you have questions about booking Laura to speak at an event, general considerations are as follows:

Lead Time:

Laura is currently booking programs three months to one year in advance.  She offers a free Save the Date service.  If you are unsure, please save your required date now to avoid disappointment.  If you have a more immediate need, please call to check the date, as there may be dates yet available on shorter notice.


If there are more than twenty attendees expected, a microphone will be required. Laura generally uses a lapel or wireless microphone for flexibility in moving around the presentation area.  She generally does not use a podium when speaking.

Computer Equipment:

If needed, Laura will bring her laptop and projector with remote.  She does require a screen upon which to present her program.


Laura generally requires two or three 8-foot display tables upon which to display her antique artifacts.  If clothes racks and/or dress forms are available at the venue, that is appreciated.

Setup Time:

Laura generally arrives at the venue at least 1 ½ to two hours prior to the program start time.  This allows time to set up displays, re-test equipment, and change into antique clothing for the program.  A room (with mirror) in which to change other than the ladies’ room is greatly appreciated.

Teardown Time:

Laura generally needs one hour to tear down her displays.


Laura is a vegetarian, so, if she will be joining your group for luncheon or dinner, a meatless meal is required. She also appreciates a glass of water while speaking.    

Audience Participation:

Laura’s programs are structured for audience participation with smaller audiences.  Questions are always encouraged.  With larger groups, questions may be taken at the end of the program.  Laura always stays at the display tables until all questions are answered and the last audience member has departed.

Bio and Publicity:

Laura has both extensive and abridged biographical sketches and photographs/headshots available for your publicity and program needs.  You are encouraged to seek publicity and sponsors for any program open to the public.  Please provide Laura with a copy of the final program. Laura can also email your event information to her extensive database of interested members at no additional cost to you.  Contact her for more details.


Laura does not use background music while she speaks.  Music may be used while audience members are entering the room and after the program concludes.  

Participant Food:

If food is to be served at your event, please serve it before or after the program, but not during the program. Also be aware that audience members must keep food and drink strictly away from Laura's antique artifacts.

Room Setup:

Laura generally requests that room setup to be either round tables for luncheons or classroom/theater style seating.  Other arrangements can be discussed.


All payment for programs is due by the day of the program.  In some cases, a deposit may be required.  Laura will send a standard Agreement to you with terms.  Agreed-upon expenses will be included.  

Recording of Programs:

Laura does not permit audio or videotaping of her programs.  Still photography is welcomed.

If you have any questions about booking a program, contact Laura and she will be happy to help you.
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